601 E. Washington Rehabilitation,

Muncie, IN


Spring 2010


On-site demolition and beginning rehab of an abandoned apartment buildling into a single family home.


Construction work with a group of 12 students

I participated in a one-semester studio that began the rehabilitation of a historic home in downtown Muncie, Indiana. With a group of 11 other students, we completed the following during the studio:


1) reconfigured the floor plan of this 10-year abandoned home by demolishing walls and constructing new ones; 2) updated crawl spaces and structural elements to meet codes; 3) removed unusable plumbing and HVAC systems; 4) prepared the home for contractors to install all new mechanical, electric, and plumbling systems; 5) installed insulation in the roof and flooring throughout the entire house; 6) reused any existing material where applicable, which consisted of following lead-safe removal practices for removing paint from existing wood trim. Final interior and exterior finshes were completed by the following studio.